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Mount Wise CommunityPrimary School

Magpies (Year 3 and 4)

Welcome to Year 3 and 4

We are the Magpies

Class Teacher: Miss Crouchley

Class Teaching Assistants: Mrs Smith and Mrs Beach

PE: All Year 3s need clean PE kits for Fit Kids on Mondays and for PE on Fridays.

All Year 4s need clean PE kits for Fit Kids on Wednesday and for PE on Fridays.


Some children are coming without the appropriate PE kit, or any at all. Please remember that children should be wearing a plain white top and navy bottoms for their PE kit.

Homework: Homework is set on Friday and needs to be returned by the following Friday. Please ensure that your child is learning their times tables regularly at home in addition to in school, in order to progress with their Matrix.

Spellings: Spellings are given out on Wednesday for Year 3 and a Monday for Year 4. Practise these using the 'Look, Cover, Check' sheet in order to get 100% during the test the following week.

18.9.17: This week Year 3 and 4 have learnt to estimate a number of objects in a group, adding 100 and 1000 to any 3 or 4 digit number, estimating where numbers should go on a blank number line and continued to practise their times tables for their matrix tests. In Science they have learnt about safety with electricity and the rules for what not to do when using it. During Talk 4 Writing we learnt the letter from David's Mum from Friend or Foe and wrote it independently using our success criteria. We are learning more and more about the World War 2, ready for Remembrance Day.

Science - Electricity

Science - Electricity 1
Science - Electricity 2
Science - Electricity 3

11.9.17: Year 3 and 4 have had a very busy week getting to know their new routine and meeting their new classmates. We have been getting straight into our learning this term, and have begun to read the story of 'Friend or Foe' by Michael Morpurgo. The book is based on our new topic 'World War 2' and we are listening to the podcast of the story from the BBC. We will be using this to help us write a letter in Talk for Writing next week. At home, can you create something for our World War 2 display board? It can be anything you like, get creative!

6.9.17: Welcome back after the Summer Holidays. We hope you are well rested and ready for another busy year at Mount Wise.

Have a lovely Summer Holiday, see you all in September

Have a lovely Summer Holiday, see you all in September 1
24.04.2017. This week, Year 3 have been finishing their unit on time. We have made a human clock, and managed to arrange ourselves to make up the hour numbers on an analogue clock, and someone had to guess what time we were showing. We used mathematical terminology such as 'quarter to', '10 minutes past' and 'half past'. 

Our human clock!

Our human clock! 1
Our human clock! 2

20.04.2017 - We've come back from our Easter holidays and we've already been hard at work! Our new topic for this term is 'What happened to the dinosaurs?' We have learnt about rocks and fossils, and categorised igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks. In English, we've begun to learn our new Talk for Writing text, called 'Stone Girl Bone Girl'. It is a historical story about Mary Anning who was the first famous palaeontologist, someone who finds and collect fossils.


We have started back at school after our half term break, straight to work! Our new text for English is a play, called 'Ug: Boy Genius of the Stone Age'. We have practised our Talk for Writing, and already discussed features what we think is important to have in a play. We are continuing our work on measurements, and how we can measure ml correctly.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3


Today, we created our own Stone Age art pictures, inspired by our new topic of the Stone Age. We used card, sand, PVA glue and paint to recreate the authentic, natural artwork that people in the Stone Age made around 18,000. We used our fingers to mimic what people did back then, and had fun with the textures to make patterns, and animals.

Our trip to Dartmoor 07.07.17!

Mrs Thorne, Mrs Beech and two Year 5s joined us as we went to Dartmoor for the day. The children were surprised to see that although it was very sunny in Devonport, when we got to Dartmoor, it was overcast and cloudy. We covered three tors throughout the day, and learnt about the stone circles and life around the area that people in the Stone Age would have experienced. To tie in with our topic on Rocks last term, we also looked for granite, and identified that it was an igneous rock. Year 3 had a lovely day and were so well behaved!

No Pens Day!!!

On Wednesday 5th October, Year 3 enjoyed a range of activities to promote their learning without pens. See what we've been up to...



In maths, we had two piles of cards with numbers on, and use less than (>), more than (<) and equal to (=) signs to describe the relationship between each card. We assessed our learning as a class at the end, where we made a number sentence with the <, > and = signs.



In English, we practised our acting skills by working together in groups to act out a famous children's story. The yellow team won! We all had fun creating different ways of portraying the stories for other teams to guess.

Dance workshops!

On Thursday 13th October, Year 3 and 4 had a dance coach, Colin Sangster, come in to provide a dance workshop for the day. Year 3s were shown how to use miming to tell a story in dance. He's worked with the likes of Top Gear, and other celebrities, so we were privileged to have him join us for the day. We continued our topic of About Ourselves, by exploring how to use dance to mime Olympic sports. It was a great opportunity to embrace our favourite Olympic sports, and to guess what each other were miming out. We not only danced sporting activities individually, but also as a class, and performed it to the school at the end of the day! Have a look at some photos from the day...


A visit from Stoke!

During the Spring term, we are having a student from the Stoke Damerel College to teach us some dance. Year 3s have joined in with learning how to use dance moves in our dances, such a travel, gestures, turns, jumps, and balances.


Fruit salads!

On October 20th, to finish our topic of About Ourselves, we made some fruit salads. The children have learnt how fruit benefits us, and how we can 'eat the rainbow' to stay healthy. Year 3 have learnt what antioxidents do, and what vitamins are in which types of fruit. We were surprised to find that iron is found in green fruit, like kiwis, and that vitamin C can be found in most coloured fruit! We enjoyed applying D&T skills to cutting the fruit as safely as possible, and sharing jobs so that we could work together to organise eating some of our favourite fruits.


Here are some photos from our afternoon!


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6