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Mount Wise CommunityPrimary School

Woodpeckers Year 1/2

Welcome to Year 1/2

The teachers in Year 1/2 Woodpeckers Class are Mrs Osborne (Tuesday to Friday) and Mrs Etienne on a Monday with teaching assistant - Mrs Shapcott. 



The children in KS1 can take part in Multi Skills on a Tuesday, after school, from 3.05pm until 4.00pm. If you would like your child to attend this club please collect a letter from the office. 

Lastly, Homework is given out every Friday. Please encourage your child to do their homework as soon as they get it and hand it in by the following Friday or as early as possible. Thank you for your support. 





5.1.2018 - 12.1.2018

This term our theme is "How Does Our Body Work?"

This week we began to learn our new story/poem called Parts by Ted Arnold. The children learned actions to go with the text and have been performing the poem to each other. The children were feeling so confident that they performed the story with the actions to the whole school!


5.1.2018 - 12.1.2018

In Year 2 this week in Maths we have been working hard to find fractions of shapes, numbers and sets of objects. The children then applied their knowledge to making pizzas - which were yummy and delicious. 

12.1.18 - 16.1.18

This week, in science, we have been discussing what humans need to survive.  We have also, in Art,  been learning how to draw the human body - by firstly learning how to draw the skeleton. We have learned the names of some bones and know which parts of our bodies are used for our five senses. We practised making a sculpture of the human body using foil and we made moving skeletons. We've also started to think about the food we eat and what a healthy, balanced diet is. 



22.1.2018 - 26.1.2018

In Maths this week we have been drawing groups and executing arrays to represent our understanding of multiplications. We have been able to use arrays to work out missing number multiplication problems.  

In English we have been generating ideas to continue the story/poem of Ted Arnold's Parts. 

And in Science we have been thinking about our diet and how we can eat more of certain food groups to be more healthy such as fruit and vegetables. We had fun collecting data from our class about their favourite fruits and then displayed this data as a pictogram which we then answered questions about.  

29.1.2018 - 2.2.2018

In English we have embarked on our study about the human digestive system which began with some weird experiments involving tights, and bread and cola! We have been learning parts of the explanation text by heart by using pictures and actions. 

This week, in Science we used our five senses to guess what certain foods were. It was a fabulous activity as, not only did we get a bite to eat, but it also encouraged us to come up with lots of great adjectives to describe each food. 

5.2.2018 - 9.2.2018

This week in Science we have been thinking about how exercise affects our health in a positive way. We designed our own one-minute exercises to do in class and then wrote about the changes we felt in our bodies from exercising. 

In D.T we made smoothies and then wrote up the instructions and evaluated the recipe. some of us thought they were yucky but some of us thought that they tasted delicious, scrumptious and yummy. We then designed our own smoothies for a summer fair and thought about how much profit we could make if we sold them. 

Summer Term 1


This term we have been thinking about how plants grow. Children have planted their own bean  and have written instructions for the planting and growing. In English we learnt the story of Jack and The Beanstalk and have written our own exciting versions. in Maths we have been going through everything we have covered and applying our learning to our reasoning questions.


We would like to thank all the children for their hard work and perseverance during our KS1 SATS Tests. We are very proud of them, and all deserve a big pat on the back for Believing they can!


Our own bean plants

Our own bean plants 1

Retelling Jack and the Beanstalk and innovating our own stories.

Retelling Jack and the Beanstalk and innovating our own stories. 1
Retelling Jack and the Beanstalk and innovating our own stories. 2
Retelling Jack and the Beanstalk and innovating our own stories. 3
Retelling Jack and the Beanstalk and innovating our own stories. 4
Retelling Jack and the Beanstalk and innovating our own stories. 5