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Core subjects

Core Subjects
Core subjects take up most of our teaching time. They are :



English is a part of all the subjects of the National Curriculum. The skills we aim to develop are Reading, Writing and Speaking and Listening. There are many different sorts of English activities, taught through the New Curriculum 2014 and Read Write Inc.


Mathematics is much more than simply learning to do ‘sums.’ It is a curriculum area which reaches out into many aspects of everyday life. Children learn to use and be comfortable with numbers, shape, measures and data handling, apply their knowledge to different situations. This is taught through the National Numeracy Strategy.


The aim of science teaching is to encourage children to develop their own skills of questioning, observing, measuring, recording, making predictions and devising tests. The main elements are: Materials, Life and living Processes and Energy and Physical Processes.


Using computers and other electronic methods of communication is a part of most curriculum areas. It is an essential aspect of modern life with which our children need to be confident.


  • These subjects are taught both through topic work and as individual areas.
  • English and Mathematics are both taught for at least one hour a day