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Red Bubble-toasted banana, marshmallow and chocolate🤩

Educare Green KS1 

The children in Educare Green group have had great fun this term and have been involved in a variety of activities. They have studied The Tiger That Came To Tea and have written their own stories they have also planned their own tea party and written invitations, instructions and made sandwiches and cakes. In science we have learnt all about food chains  and in Art we have been been studying the work of Andy Warhol and have done some fantastic printing and versions of his work. We have enjoyed learning about different ways to measure and have continued to recap the objectives for number. 

Here are some photos of the learning we have done!

The Layers of the Amazon Rainforest by Blue Bubble: the forest floor, understory, canopy and emergent layer.

Educare-Red Bubble

In art today we drew our Rainforest animals


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

This week we have been scientists. We have made lava lamps and slime. We also learnt about density and chemical reactions.

Today we made rockets and took them outside to see how far they would travel.

This week we have been researching animals that live in the rain forest. We then created power points about our chosen animal.

We had fun making orange cakes and then cooking then on the fire.

The Red group educare have spent their afternoon in forest school. We learnt how to tie knots and use rope and materials to build dens.

Red bubble: DENS

This week the children in red group have been learning about the Stone Age. We learnt how to create a sun set using just primary colours and then started to build our very own Stonehenge silhouette.