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Foundation Subjects

Foundation Subjects

The Foundation Subjects are usually found as part of topic work but sometimes occur separately.

(Religious Education)

We teach the children to understand the needs of themselves and others in the world, through learning about Christianity and other world religions.


Historical and Geographical skills are usually developed through topic work, building an awareness of local surroundings which widens as children progress through the school, together with an understanding and knowledge of the world in which they live.


Our Art curriculum enables children to have access to a variety of materials which will increase their practical skills and techniques, and develop their knowledge of real artists’ work.


Through design and making activities children learn to use different materials and tools to solve problems in a practical way.


Our aim is to enable pupils to enjoy, appreciate and respond to all aspects of music, through participation in a wide range of musical activities. Pupils are encouraged to acquire and develop skills involved in performing, composing, listening and appreciating the work of well known composers.

(Personal, Social & Health Education)

Learning to know and understand ourselves and others is a difficult task as children grow up. PSHE aims to develop awareness of personal relationships and a healthy lifestyle.



Foundation Stage
(Early Years)

Much of the learning of the under 5s is based on practical play activities and follows a topic, preparing them for more formal work which is introduced gradually.

Foreign Languages

Languages are a lifelong skill - to be used in work and for pleasure - and promote and encourage multi-cultural understanding. We use French to teach skills which help with learning any language in Key Stage 2.