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Magpies - Year 4

School closure: Please find bellow a list of websites that will help support homeschooling.

The children next week would have been learning about:


The digestive system-Science


adding and subtracting fractions-Maths

what did the Greeks teach us?-History

listen online to David Williams sharing his stories. Every day at 11. It’s brilliant!

Please remember you also still have access to your timetable rock stars accounts and Mr Brooks has allowed AR to be completed at home. Usual log ins.


week 2
science- food chains

maths-problem solving with fractions.

english-create a shape poem

history-create a poster to show the lives of the Ancient Greeks.







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Welcome to Magpie Class


Class Teacher: Miss Extence

Class Teaching Assistants: Mrs Beech and Mrs Fox 

Your child was sent home with a home learning pack this evening. In addition to the work set please remember to complete your timetable rock stars, share stories together, cook together and look after one and other. 


PE: All Magpie class need clean PE kits for our weekly mile run on a Monday and PE on a Thursday


Times tables: Learning times tables is extremely important and fundamental to all areas of mathematics, especially in Year 4. Your child/children will be sitting a times table interactive assessment this school year for all of the times tables up to 12x12. 

Homework: Homework is set on Friday and needs to be returned by the following Friday. Please ensure that your child is learning their times tables regularly at home in addition to in school, in order to progress with the times table assessments this year.

Spellings: Three new spellings are given out weekly please can you help your child/children to practice these at home. 

Look at what your child is learning this term

Our topic for the Spring Term is 

Our topic for the Autumn Term is

The Vikings

Picture 1

English Inventing

We have been inventing machines and contraptions, here is a link you might like:


We have been exploring the forces of gravity and magnetism in science.

We have been exploring the forces of gravity and magnetism in science. 1
We have been exploring the forces of gravity and magnetism in science. 2
We have been exploring the forces of gravity and magnetism in science. 3
We have been exploring the forces of gravity and magnetism in science. 4
We have been exploring the forces of gravity and magnetism in science. 5

Science Week

We are looking forward to Science Week, beginning on Monday 25th February.

We will be exploring recycling and reusing waste as well as building rockets to launch.

Year 4 will also be having a CD Racer competition, keep a look out for photos of our activities!

8.1.18: Welcome back to our first full week at school after the Christmas holidays. We have been getting straight back stuck into our work, and have enjoyed researching and learning about Italy; What is it like to live there? Thank you to the year 4s who created amazing master pieces for our display board over the holidays, take a look at some of their work...


Our Italian Models

11.12.17: Well done to everyone in the KS2 production of A Christmas Carol this year. We had a blast practising and performing the production to parents!


4.12.17: We are now into December, and with Christmas fast approaching we have started to practise for our Key Stage 2 production of... Ebenezer Scrooge - A Christmas Carol. Well done to everyone for learning their lines, and to all of the choir for their fantastic singing. We will be practising more regularly over the next few weeks before we perform it to our parents on Thursday 14th December. A reminder to parents: please purchase tickets prior to the day of the performance to ensure you can get a seat, as seating is limited.

27.11.17: We have been learning to add fronted adverbial phrases to our sentences to add more detail about a setting, a character or an object. We have discussed descriptive words that we don't often use, to extend our vocabulary, and these have also been added to our vocab books to try and use within our independent writing. In reading, we have been working on improving our breadth of reading by reading books that we might not usually choose. Krystian enjoys reading goosebumps books, but today he chose a book from a different genre.

20.11.17: In maths this week we have been learning to find equivalent fractions. We found different ways of making 1/2 and 1/4. We found this easier to visualise by colouring fractions of shapes and then dividing the fractions into parts. In English we have continued to learn the story of 'Charlotte's Web' and we have discussed about the characters within the story. We learnt that empathy is a way of understanding how someone else might be feeling. We are really enjoying the story so far.

13.11.17: In Science this week we have been using the BRAND NEW Science Phizz Lab to discover about different states of matter. We have been looking at which solids and melt and which evaporate when heated. We learnt lots of new scientific words, such as; condensation, evaporation, water vapour and many more.

10.11.17: This week was our class assembly on WW2 - Remembrance. Well done to all of the Magpies for an AMAZING performance! You were great. Everyone remembered their lines and everyone spoke very loud and clear. All of your hard work this week paid off. Enjoy your weekend after a very busy week.

WW2 Class Assembly 10.11.17

WW2 Class Assembly 10.11.17 1
WW2 Class Assembly 10.11.17 2
WW2 Class Assembly 10.11.17 3
WW2 Class Assembly 10.11.17 4
WW2 Class Assembly 10.11.17 5
WW2 Class Assembly 10.11.17 6
WW2 Class Assembly 10.11.17 7
WW2 Class Assembly 10.11.17 8
WW2 Class Assembly 10.11.17 9

Tuesday 7th November 2017 - WW2 Theatre Workshop

30.10.17: Welcome back after half term for the Autumn 2 term this year. We are continuing our topic of World War 2 and will be taking part in a class assembly to show to the parents the Friday before Remembrance Day (Friday 10th November, 9.15am). This week we have began to think about making a scale model of an Anderson shelter that families would have used during World War 2. We will be testing different materials for strength and looking and which will be the best for our design. We tried making bridges using just newspaper, and we discovered that paper that had been bent into a concertina design was much stronger than the paper that hadn't.

20.10.17 - 27.10.17 Half term break, have a great week rest from all of your hard work!

16.10.17: This week in maths we have been learning about decimal numbers and how to subtract and add using these. We know that the number to the right of the decimal point are called tenths, hundredths and so on... We have also been solving a range of word problems using decimal numbers (weight, money, temperature etc). In science we worked with Mr Brooks to find out how to stay safe with electrical items in and out of the home. We made safety posters encouraging other children to always stay safe when around electrics and to never cross water and electric.

9.10.17: This week we have created artwork based on our topic, World War 2. We painted a sunset using our colour blending skills with acrylic paints and once this was dry we added black cut outs of silhouettes. We wanted our paintings to represent what London would have looked like during the bombings in the war. Red skies from all of the fire and bombs, smoke filled air, soldiers fighting and people running.

2.10.17: This week in maths, the magpies have been learning to subtract using the column method, remembering to exchange numbers from the next column is the digit on the top is not big enough to subtract (see photograph). In English we have been learning to write a range of different poems about our topic, World War 2. 

25.9.17: This week the Magpie class have been learning to add 3 and 4-digit numbers using the column method. We have been remembering to exchange tens to the next column and add these on. Can you complete this week's column addition homework? In English we have written a letter back to David's Mum in Friend or Foe, using the storymap of Mum's letter to help us.


Picture 1
Picture 2

18.9.17: This week Year 3 and 4 have learnt to estimate a number of objects in a group, adding 100 and 1000 to any 3 or 4 digit number, estimating where numbers should go on a blank number line and continued to practise their times tables for their matrix tests. In Science they have learnt about safety with electricity and the rules for what not to do when using it. During Talk 4 Writing we learnt the letter from David's Mum from Friend or Foe and wrote it independently using our success criteria. We are learning more and more about the World War 2, ready for Remembrance Day.

Science - Electricity

Science - Electricity 1
Science - Electricity 2
Science - Electricity 3

11.9.17: Year 3 and 4 have had a very busy week getting to know their new routine and meeting their new classmates. We have been getting straight into our learning this term, and have begun to read the story of 'Friend or Foe' by Michael Morpurgo. The book is based on our new topic 'World War 2' and we are listening to the podcast of the story from the BBC. We will be using this to help us write a letter in Talk for Writing next week. At home, can you create something for our World War 2 display board? It can be anything you like, get creative!

6.9.17: Welcome back after the Summer Holidays. We hope you are well rested and ready for another busy year at Mount Wise.