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Owls - Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!

Owls Class

Welcome to Owls Year 6 2020-21

Class teachers: Miss Pitt

Teaching Assistant: Miss Farrar and Mrs Piggott 


At Mount Wise, we continue to following a Storytelling approach to teaching creative writing and drama. This term, we will focus on units of work linking to Historical Fiction (World War II), Poetry, Diary Writing and Biographies. Where possible, our writing will link to learning in other subjects, such as Geography, History and Science. 



Science - Light and Electricity

We will study two units of science this term - Electricity and Light.


In Light, we will explore how light travels through air and other substances, how it interacts with different surfaces, how we can manipulate patters in light to make them fit for purpose and how and when refraction occurs.



In Electricity, we will build upon our learning in Year 4 to explain why particular circuits work or do not, look at electrical symbols, how electricity is created in both renewable and non-renewable ways, parallel and series circuits and use our knowledge to create electrical games and traffic lights. 


History - World War II

In History this term, we will be exploring Britain and Europe during World War II. We will identify some of the causes of World War II, its impact on Britain and how life changed drastically during this time. Specific lessons will focus on rationing, The Plymouth Blitz, Evacuation, Propaganda and The D-Day landings. 

Whilst looking at how our city of Plymouth was affected, we will identify where and when bombs fell on the city and their impact on the lives of Plymouthians. 

Things to Remember:

Reading books and records need to be in class EVERYDAY.

Our PE day is Thursday- we will have a PE lesson and complete our weekly mile on this day. Please wear your PE kit to school for the entire day

Spellings take place in school everyday

Homework is set on Fridays and is to be handed in by Fridays. You will be notified it there are any changes to this.

SATS week 

The examinations taken by all Year 6 pupils in 2021 (SATs) will commence on Monday 10th May 2021. These tests are compulsory and attendance is crucial. No holidays or absences will be granted during this time.



Homework continues to be an integral part of our learning experience in Year 6. All children are set homework tasks on a Friday, which are then to be handed in by the following Friday. Homework always includes a reading comprehension task, a maths-related task which links to learning in class that week, a grammar-related task which links to learning in class that week and 3 weekly spellings which all children will also be learning in class. Please also ensure that your child reads at home at LEAST 3 x weekly.


All children are expected to complete their homework. If a child fails to hand in their homework, it is expected they catch up on their work in their free time in school.

Bedtime Story Writing Competition Winner: MELISSA

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Well done Melissa!

Bedtime Story Writing Competition Winner: SOPHIE

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Home Learning Week Beginning 6th July 2020


Hi Owls,

I cannot believe we are only two weeks away from your last day at Primary School. You will be delivered a home learning pack this week which will be your work for these last two weeks and into the school holidays. We are having a socially distance farewell for you all on Friday 17th July. You receive a letter about this shortly. 

Hopefully see you soon

Mr Brooks, Ms Farrar and Mrs Hancock

Home Learning - Week Beginning 29th June 2020


Hi Owls,

I hope you've had an enjoyable weekend? 

This week we are focusing on our 'Relationships and Sex Education' work. Although this is sometimes a sensitive and embarrassing topic, it is vital that you receive this information before you transition onto secondary school. For parents, all the objectives that we are going to cover are in the documents section of the school website. 

As ever, everyone will receive a home learning pack to their home address and below are some useful links and PowerPoints to help you complete the home learning tasks. 


 Thinking of you

Mr Brooks, Ms Farrar and Mrs Hancock

Home Learning Week Beginning 22nd June 2020


Hi Owls, 

I hope that you've had a great weekend - this week promising to be sunny for us! Our theme this week is on 'Our World', with a focus on the different continents. As is normal now, you will receive a home learning pack to complete at home in addition to learning at school (receive all of it for home learning)

I have attached some useful documents that may assist you with this week's tasks. 


Keep safe and well

Mr Brooks, Ms Farrar and Mrs Hancock

Home Learning - Week Beginning 15th June 2020


Hi Owls, 

As most of you have returned to school now, your learning this week will be given to you as a home learning pack or delivered to your home address if you're not attending. Below are a few resources which may assist you in completing your pack this week.


Keep Safe

Mr Brooks, Ms Farrar and Mrs Hancock

Home Learning - Week Beginning 8th June 2020


Hi Owls, 

As most of you are attending school on a part time basis, all work will be taught to you or given to you as homework to complete. All children remaining at home will have their work delivered to your house. Below is a few documents and links that you might find useful to complete the set work this week - the work will not be posted online anymore as you will all receive a physical copy of it.


Keep smiling

Mr Brooks, Ms Farrar and Mrs Hancock

Home Learning - Week Beginning 1st June 2020


Hi Owls,

This week marks the week that many of you will be returning to school on a part time basis. If you are in school, you will be taught for two days, and for the remaining school days, you will be given work in school to take home and then complete. 

If you are not returning to school, you will be delivered a learning pack to your home address each week. The website from now on will contain the same content and some additional links to the work you will be sent. 

Please note that Monday 1st June 2020 is a Teacher Training Day


See you soon (hopefully)

Mr Brooks, Ms Farrar and Mrs Hancock

Half Term Week - Week Beginning 25th May 2020


Hi Owls! This week would have been half term week and our school is closing for the first time since the pandemic started for a few days. This week I'd like you to make the most of the beautiful weather that is forecast and spend time with your families. I will hopefuly see some of you in school next week!


Missing you all

Mr Brooks, Mrs Farrar and Mrs Hancock


Thank you for your submissions to the Bedtime story competition - the winners will be announced shortly!

Home Learning Week Beginning 18th May 2020


Hi Owls, 

I hope you've had an enjoyable week and have managed to get outside in some of the wonderful sunshine we've been having. As you may be aware, school will be open to Year 6 pupils from Tuesday 2nd June: we will be contacting your families this week to talk about our arrangements for that. In the meantime, your home school work for this week can be found below.


Hopefully see you soon

Mr Brooks, Mrs Farrar and Mrs Hancock

Home Learning - Week Beginning 11th May 2020


Hi Owls! Well today would have been a very important week for you in school - the start of SATs week! You were all making such great progress towards these tests and I'm sure you would have all done brilliantly in them too. 


To mark this week and make it special, I have set you a choice of weekly challenges in the document below. How many of these fun challenges can you complete during the week? It would be great to know how you get on


Missing you all 

Mr Brooks, Mrs Farrar and Mrs Hancock

Home Learning - Week Beginning 4th May 2020


Hi Owls! I hope you've had a good week and made the most of your daily exercise to get out of the house each day. You should now have all recieved a new home learning pack - it was great to see some of you whilst I delivered them. These packs are for you to use when you can, to keep on top of all the core skills you'll need for secondary school. Complete them at your own pace.


I'm now reading 'The Last Spellbreather' at home. You need anymore reading books, please contact school and we'll arrange something for you.


Well done to the following children who quizzed on AR at home last month: Melissa, Maria, David, Summer, Ebonnie, Kassim and Shay


Best wishes

Mr Brooks, Mrs Farrar and Mrs Hancock

Home Learning - Week Beginning 27th April


Hi Owls! Another week of home learning for us all. I've finished reading 'Boy in the Tower' and have also finished reading the new David Walliams book, Slime!

I hope you're all keeping safe and well. Please find attached work for home learning this week - you should also be receiving a home learning pack delivered to your home address. 


Web links to support home learning are also provided


Thinking of you, 

Mr Brooks, Mrs Farrar and Mrs Hancock

Home Learning - Week Beginning 20/4/20

A great big HELLO to all of Year 6! I know times are hard at the moment and that you're probably really bored with staying in at home, but hopefully we can see each other soon. It's really important that you keep learning at the phenonomal rate you were at school, so please complete the following tasks at home this week - in addition to reading 30 minutes a day, of course. I'm currently reading 'Boy in the Tower' by Polly Ho-Yen.

Missing you all,

Mr Brooks, Mrs Farrar and Mrs Hancock

Ancient Egyptians


Our topic this term in the Ancient Egyptians. Please complete the "What Do I already know" sheet before completing the timeline, location of Egypt and reading comprehension activities. Here are some links to information about the Ancient Egyptian Timelines.



This week we will focus on writing stories based in dry, desert areas. To do this, we need to be able to gather vocabulary linked to these environments. Each day you will be set work a piece of work to complete below. Monday is based on vocabularly buliding. Use the Internet to help search for interesting words or for synonyms for words like hot or empty.

PE Challenge for this week - can you beat Mr Brooks?

Computing at home:

This Summer term children have a project for computing where you will make a game using coding. In this project, children will use Python 3 and the software ‘trinket’ to learn how to make a program that plays Rock, Paper, Scissors using variables and conditional statements.

Project part 1: You need to open and sign up to – Explore projects – Python – Module 1 (This is free)

Project part 2: Now complete the ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ module

  • Can they create their own flow chart?
  • CHALLENGE: Download trinket Can you use this software to write your own coding and create your own version of rock, paper, scissors.

Use Python 3 unit on RasberryPi website to see the step by step coding on their rock, paper, scissors game.

Welcome to the Summer Term 2020!


Welcome to Year 6. This term our class topic is 

'Ancient Egypt'.


In our English sessions, our daily Accelerated Reading sessions will help us to improve our reading skills, especially alongside additional comprehension sessions. In Storytelling sessions, we will be learning about a range of genres: playscripts, narratives, discussion texts etc.


In History, we will be learning about Ancient Egypt and it's impact as an ancient civilisation, including its impact on the geography of the river Nile. This will focus on their culture, religion, use of leadership and democracy.



Our Science lessons will be focusing looking at Humans, in particularly the circulatory and immune system.









Year 6 Expectations and Information for Parents

Y6 Curriculum Documents