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Believe You Can

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Mount Wise CommunityPrimary School

Puffins - Year 1/2

Welcome to Puffins class

(Year 1)


Teacher: Mrs Extence

Teaching assistant: Mrs Boyle

Homework is given out every Friday and to be returned by the following Friday. 

PE is every Monday and all children need a full PE kit on this day.

We hope you enjoy looking at what the Puffins have been up to in school this year, we are learning a range of different topics:

Autumn 1: What is it like on the moon?

Autumn 2: Why do people move to new places?

Spring 1: What makes England great?

Spring 2: What keeps us fit and healthy? 

Summer 1: Do penguins and polar bears live in the same place? **This term's topic**

Summer 2: Are beaches the same all over the world?

We believe we can!



This week in Science the Puffins have been learning about the diverse habitats of different animals. We have been learning about what animals need to survive in their habitat and how they have adapted to live in different places. We watched a video about how a camel survives in the scorching desert. In small groups, we sorted animals into various habitats and discussed why it was a great place to live for that animal.

7.5.19: This wee the Puffins visited Devonport Library where we looked at a range of books and chose one of our favourites to read together. The Puffin class love to read and explore new stories through a variety of books!

Devonport Library Visit 7.5.2019