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Welcome to the Sparrow Class!


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School closure:


School closure: During this period of school closure, links will be added below to assist you in the ongoing support of your child's home learning. This will reflect the areas of learning that your child would have covered in school within the current term. 


*Help and support to continue your child's learning during the COVID19 outbreak*


Foundation's Daily Timetable to help structure your home learning:

8.45: Name Writing/Sentence Writing (this could be done in sand, foam, using coloured pencils, on whiteboards, get creative!)

9.00: Wake & Shake or Cosmic Yoga (YouTube) The children copy along with the actions and wake their brains and bodies up for the day! Or Joe Wicks is providing PE warm ups every day at 9am!

9.15: Reading/Phonics. Children to practise their Read, Write Inc sounds using the sound chart below:

or if confident with Set One, then Set Two:

Then read your home school or RWI reading book together, encourage your child to 'Fred Talk' the words (this means sound out slowly) and then blend it together (say the word) if they are finding any words tricky.

There are lots of great reading reources available online, including Read, Write Inc online phonics lessons daily (10am).

This website is providing FREE online reading resources for children of all ages...

10.00: Free Play! Set up puzzles, board games, imagination play for your child and interact and play together. Teach them fine and gross motor skills, balancing games outside if possible, building games with blocks or shapes, water play (preferably outside as this can get messy!) or play on your bike/trike outside.

10.30: Snack and quiet time (read a story while they eat some fruit/veg).

10.45: Maths/number work. We have been learning lots about the numberblocks in school, so if you would like to continue this, youtube or cbeebies have many of the videos easily accessible:

Encourage your children to; count objects to 10 by moving them, then above, count objects that cannot be moved (on paper by ticking/crossing out), order numbers correctly to 10 then above, recognise numbers in the environment, copy/trace writing the numbers correctly (we have rhymes to help us remember how to draw them, see below)

Look at adding two groups of objects together to make bigger numbers and count how many there are altogether. Practise writing this as a number sentence, eg: 3 + 2 = 5. There are lots of great numner activity ideas on Pinterest:

In Sparrows class this term, we started learning about 2D and 3D shapes. Can your child complete this shape online game to test their knowledge?

Learning counting songs and nursery rhymes can also be a great way to encourage your child to enjoy counting and help them to remember! You could try leanring some of theses songs together:

1,2,3,4,5 Once I Caught A Fish Alive

Zoom Zoom, We're Going to the Moon. ...

  • One Potato Two Potatoes. ...
  • Five Little Ducks. ...
  • Ten In The Bed. ...
  • Five Little Monkeys. ...
  • This Old Man. ...
  • Ten Little Indians. 
Can you add instruments into the songs and practise joining in with the rhythm/pulse of the song? If you don't have any instruments, create some using stones/pasta/rice into a plastic bottle! Get creative!

11.30: Outside play/brain break!

12.00: Lunch time, why not try creating lunch together or following a recipe to create something new and delicious!

1.00: Online resources for ICT/ipad games that your chidlren will love:

1.30: Small world ideas to stimulate your child to play alone and explore different small world play...

2.00: PE/Understanding the world; Get outside if you have the space or use this time to explore your local area during your allowed daily outing. Go on a treasure hunt. Make binoculars to take with you and see what you can find!

Do some gardening if you have a garden, get stuck in helping to de-weed the flowers or create a mud pie!

Create a rainbow with whatever resources you have and display it in a window for others in your area to see and be encouraged to do the same!

Enjoy this time together! Make the most of this difficult time and enjoy having quality time to learn and play together. Try not to put too much pressure on learning lots every day. Make learning fun and take time off if they need it! Please dont hesitate to contact anyone at Mount Wise if you have any questions or concerns about your child's learning during this time. We miss you all and...






Miss Gifford.


Teaching Assistants

Mrs Barlow

20.04.20: *COVID19 Home Learning*

Our Topic this term: Where does food come from?

Numberblocks: Practising counting to 20 and back. Celebrate spring with this number counting song:

Read, Write Inc: Please watch daily, Read, Write, Inc lessons online from 10am:

Many of the Robins and Sparrows will need to recap the Speed Set 1 sounds and practise their blending of CVC (constant, vowel, constant words; eg, cat, mat, hen, sit, hot...). If they are confident with these, continue onto revising words from Set 2. You can also see sounds for each on the timetable above to print out and use at home if you wish. Read to your child every night before bedtime and ask them questions about what they have read (who were the main characters? What was the problem in the story? How did they resolve the problem? Have we read any other stories like this? What did you like/dislike about the story?

Writing: Continue your child's great progress with their name writing and use these fine motor skills to begin writing sentences about anything they like, eg; The dog is fat. My mum is funny. The sun has got his hat on. I miss my friends.

Children should sound out any tricky words using their 'Fred Fingers' (c-a-t, m-u-m). Some words cannot be decoded by doing this (my, the, of, was, when, said...) these words you can help them to spell and learning off by heart, these are called out 'red words'. We write up new red words we have learnt each week and place them around the classroom and test ourselves on spelling them regularly, you can also do this at home. Here is a list of all the red words you can teach your children how to spell, one at a time, choose a new one each week...