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Woodpeckers - Year 2

Friday 10th July

Today is the final day of home learning if you want to complete the Maths feel free if not have a tea party to celebrate finishing our lock down term. Thank you for working so hard with your parents I'm sure it has been a bumpy ride but you will soon be back at school. Have a fantastic summer and I look forward to having you all back with me on the 1st day back so we can say a proper goodbye.

Thursday 9th July

English - The Tiger that came to tea

Now you have planned your party and written your invitations it is time to make some yummy food. Today I would like you to write instructions to make your favourite sandwich and then make them. Use the power point and the template below to help you.

Tuesday 7th July

English - Invitations

Use the proforma below to write an invitation For the Tiger to invite him to the Tea party you have Planned. Maybe you could also invite the animal or character from your innovated story.

Monday 6th July

English - The Tiger who came to tea

Imagine if the Tiger That Came To Tea could come to your house for tea! How excited would you be? I'm guessing super excited. Today you are going to plan a party for the Tiger imagining he is coming to your house. Complete the party planner below.

Maths - We have completed our maths for the year and recapped some topics, this week try the fun lessons on BBC Bitesize using the link below.

Friday 3rd July

English - Published writing

Today if you have completed your story and edited it and made improvements, you can now copy your story into neat. As always I would love to see your work so feel free to send it in to school. I hope you have enjoyed this unit as much as the children in my Educare group.

Maths - Arithmetic Paper

If you have completed this weeks Multiplication and Division home learning you can have a go at the Arithmetic Paper below.

Thursday 2nd July

English - Edit your story

Use the criteria below to edit your story and add in any improvements you think you could make.

Wednesday 1st July

English - Story writing final day

Complete your innovated story using the success criteria to help you improve your sentences. if there are any points on the list of criteria you haven't included try to include it today.

Maths - Multiplication and Division

Continue this weeks home learning pack recapping the objectives for year 2.

Tuesday 30th June


Continue today from where you left off yesterday. Make sure you step and speak box 3 and 4 of your story before you write so that it is fresh in your mind. Also continue to use your success criteria each day to make sure you are including all the important objectives we have covered in year 2.

Maths - Multiplication and Division 

Continue with the pack from yesterday.

Monday 29th June


Today it is time to write your new story. Look at the first 2 boxes of your plot matrix and using the success criteria below to remind you of all the important things you need to include in your writing, write the beginning of your story.

Maths - Multiplication and Division

This week if you have completed the addition and subtraction recap from last week you can begin this weeks recap on multiplication and division. Open the booklet below and recap 1 objective each day.


Friday 26th June

English - The Tiger Who Came To Tea

Now you have chosen the ideas for your innovated story it is time to draw a new story map using the blank plot matrix below. Then when you have finished begin to learn your new story by stepping and speaking it 1 box at a time and finally perform it to a family member.

Art - Andy Warhol 

Week 3 Kittens

Look at the pop art kittens poster created by Andy Warhol, using the template provided can you create your own kitten pop art print using a variety of colours.

Thursday 25th June

English - The Tiger That Came To Tea

Today we are going to begin to innovate the original story to create our own version of the Tiger Who Came To Tea. Look at the blank Plot Matrix below and write your new ideas into each box. When you have completed each box use a coloured pencil to high light the ideas you would like to include in your new story.


Wednesday 23th June

English - The Tiger Who Came To Tea

Fill the adjectives into the document below to create your own poem.

Science - Food Chains

As a link to our story The Tiger Who Came To Tea we are thinking about food chains. Below is a lesson plan with  a power point and activities for you to complete over the next few weeks.

Tuesday 23rd June

English - The Tiger Who Came to Tea

Today we are thinking about the setting. The setting is where the story takes place.Look at the picture of the Kitchen from the story and using the word bank provided, write some sentences to describe the setting.

Monday 22nd June

English - The Tiger Who Came To Tea

Today we will be thinking about the Tiger and writing a character description thinking about his appearance and his personality. Look at the document below and complete the writing task.

Maths - Addition and Subtraction

We have completed all of the AET objectives for the year so now we are going to recap addition and subtraction. Go through the home learning pack below and work through it at your own pace. there should be enough worksheets to last for at least a week.

Friday 19th June

English - Slow write

Open the document below and follow the instructions to write a paragraph of the text The Tiger That Came To Tea using the slow write criteria.

Maths - Arithmetic Paper

Complete the arithmetic paper below.

Thursday 18th June

English - Day 4  Comprehension

Complete the comprehension sheet below based on the text The Tiger Who Came to Tea.


Maths - Day 4 Temperature

Talk to your child about temperature and reasons for needing to measure temperature. Explain that we measure temperature in degrees celsius using a thermometer. Complete the worksheets for reading the temperature counting in 2's, 5's and 10's 

Wednesday 17th June

English -Day 3

Today its time to learn your story. Watch or read the story again and then using your Plot Matrix step and speak the story trying to include as much detail as you can remember. You can always repeat the activity, watching and stepping and speaking the story until you can perform the story confidently to your family.


Maths - Day 3 Capacity

Go through the power point with your child and then complete the Home Learning activity sheet that best fits your child's ability. If you are feeling confident have a go at the challenge cards.

Art – Summer Term 2

Inspired by Andy Warhol

This term we are creating a portfolio of work inspired by the artist Andy Warhol. I have copied a selection of his work that we will be using to inspire our own versions.

Week 2 – Andy Warhol - Marilyn Monroe

Try drawing  6 mini portraits of your face using a mirror. Then colour each face differently and mount them in rows onto coloured paper.

Open the document below to see this weeks activity.

Tuesday 16th June 

English  - Day 2 Introduce The Tiger Who Came To Tea

If you don't have the book you can find it on YouTube as a video. Go through the video/book with your child talking about the pictures and story. Ask your child what their favourite part was and why? Then use the story to complete the Plot Matrix below.

Maths - Measuring Weight - Day 2

Today's activity depends on your available resources. If you have any scales of any kind you can look at the weight section of yesterdays Power point and have a go at estimating and measuring weight in grams see the activity sheet below. However if you do not have scales then please complete the home learning heavier than and lighter than task using objects from around the home.

Monday 15th June

English - Fiction

Look at the pictures on the document below and predict what the story might be about. Using the sentence stems, write some sentences to show your predictions about the story.





Maths - Unit 15 Measuring and Estimating

Day 1 - Length

For this activity you will need a ruler and a measuring tape would be useful. If you don't have a ruler you could use the PDF actual size ruler below. Go through the Length section of the power point and then complete the activities.

Friday 12th  June

English - Riddles

Complete the power point and activities set on Monday.


Complete the Arithmetic paper below independently then mark and go over your paper with an adult. Hopefully your score is improving each week. Remember to practice the ones you get wrong.

Art – Summer Term 2

Inspired by Andy Warhol

This term we are creating a portfolio of work inspired by the artist Andy Warhol. I have copied a selection of his work that we will be using to inspire our own versions.

Week 1Andy Warhol hands – paint on our fingers

Open the document below to see this weeks activity.

Thursday  11th June

English  - Riddles

Continue with day 3 of the power point from Monday.

Maths - Position and Direction Day 7

Today we are recapping clockwise and anticlockwise. Go through the power point and then complete the activities.

Wednesday 10th June  

English  - Riddles 

Continue with Day 2 of the riddles power point from yesterday

Maths - Position and Direction Day 7

Today we are going back over turns, go through the power point and complete the activities below.

Science - Plants

Remember to keep watering your plant daily. Fill in week 2 of your plant diary recording what you notice. Don't worry if your seeds haven't begun to grow hopefully you will see some changes soon.

Tuesday 9th June 

English - Riddles 

For the remainder of this week follow the power point below which has a riddle to solve and an activity for each day including a differentiated challenge. Please send in the riddles you create and I will try to work them out.

Maths - Position and Direction Day 6

Play the game below then complete the worksheets.


Monday 8th June

English - Riddles Day 6

Today we are going to begin work on writing fruit riddles, look at the riddles below and try to guess which fruit you think is being described. Then using a blank sheet of paper create a spidergram of phrases that describe your favourite fruit. Remember to check the features you need to include using the features of a riddle sheet from last week.

Maths - Positional language (prepositions)

We are going to go back over last weeks learning using different activities to make sure your children are secure with the language and concepts. Today we are recapping positional language, go through the power point and complete the activities.

Friday 5th June 

English - Day 5 Riddles

Using your spidergram from yesterday order your sentences into a riddle from hardest to easiest using the features from day 2. When you have decided the order and edited any sentences to match the features, write your new riddle ito the template below.

Maths - Arithmetic Paper

Complete the weekly arithmetic using your jottings.

Science - Plants 

This half term we are going to be keeping a plant diary if you don't have any seeds or a plant pot, maybe you could try planting an apple seed, tomato seed, garlic clove or carrot tops into a large yogurt pot or something similar. Remember to put it somewhere like a windowsill with lots of light and water it everyday. Each week look at the plant and record the changes using your plant diary below.

Thursday 4th June
English Riddles - Day 4

Today we are going to learn all about similes, go through the power point below and then complete the worksheet you think best suits your child's ability.

Maths - Position and Direction - Day 4

today we are going to be solving reasoning problems involving turns. Go through the Power point below with an adult and then have a go at the problem solving sheet. The letters in the corner tell you the ability of each sheet (Emerging, Developing, Greater Depth) your child might be able to remember which problems they usually do.

Wednesday 3rd June 

English Riddles - Day 3

Describe an object to the children using phrases such as “I have…I am… People use me…My … I am longer than…but shorter than…’“ but do not let your child see the object. Ask for suggestions for what the object may be. Using the photos in the resource sheet below ask your child to come up with sentences to describe the item and see if someone can guess what the picture/photo is of. If you would like to challenge your child ask them to write their own riddle for one of the photos for the family to guess.


Maths - Position and Direction - Day 3

Today we are looking at turns, go through the Power Point and then complete the worksheets.

Tuesday 2nd June

English - Riddles Day 2

Today we are looking at the features of a riddle. Look at the 1st worksheet and draw a line to match the features. Then using the features sheet to help you, read the page of riddles and highlight or underline the features you can find.

Maths - Unit 14 Position and Direction Day 2

Today we are looking at the directions left and right. Help your child to learn this in a practical way by giving them simple instructions to find a hidden object. When they are confident complete the activity below. remember, there are 3 sheets pick the sheet you think best suits your child's ability.

Monday 1st June

Welcome back children I hope you have been enjoying the lovely sunshine and are safe and well, ready for some new home learning.

English Riddles - Day 

Look at the Power Point, then read the riddles sheet and complete the worksheet.

Maths - Unit 14 Position and Direction

Look at the Power Point below and then complete the worksheets.

Friday 22nd May - English Comprehension

Complete the comprehension below.

Maths - Arithmetic Paper

Today is the last day of this term I have done a new weekly Arithmetic Paper for you to complete.

Thursday 21st May

English - Comprehension

Complete the comprehension below.

Maths - Proportional Reasoning Unit 13 Assessment

Today is the final day of this unit, complete the assessment below to see how well your child has done with this unit. 

Wednesday 20th May

English - Comprehension

Today we are continuing to work on our comprehension skills, open the differentiated comprehensions below and choose the comprehension you think best suits your child's reading ability. Children on silver or red band could do the 1 star activity, children reading dark purple could do the 2 star activity and children reading green or pink could try the 3 star activity.

Maths - Proportional Reasoning Unit 13

Today we are going to apply our learning in multiplication and division with some reasoning questions. Have a go at the mastery questions in the document below, don't forget to explain how you know.

Science - Plants Week 4 - What do plants need to grow?

Go through the Power Point and then complete the cut and stick sheet.

Tuesday 21st May 

English - Comprehension

For the rest of this week we will be focusing on our comprehension skills and each day there will be a new comprehension activity to complete.

Maths - Proportional Reasoning Unit 13

Today we will be using the bar model. Write the matching multiplication and division sentences to match each model and the have a go at the challenge.

Monday 20th May

English - Final Day Non Chronological Report Plymouth, Massachusetts

Today is the last day of this topic and some of you may have already completed it. If you have not continue to use the headings (questions) in your Plot Matrix to write your new report. When you have completed your report go back to the checklist from the start of the unit and use the checklist to edit your report in the same way you did for your story. Then finally when you are happy with your report you can write it into neat in the document below or just onto paper. I would love to read your finished reports so feel free to send them into school.

Maths - Proportional Reasoning Unit 13

Today there is a worksheet to complete. the worksheet has a range of different arrays for the times tables we have learnt complete the correct multiplication sentence below each array. If you want to challenge yourself then you can also write the correct division sentence to match each array.

Friday 15th May - English Non-Chronological Report Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Today is up to you depending on how far you got yesterday. Carry on from where ever you left off. Try to do 2 boxes of the Plot Matrix if possible, although this will depend on how much detail you are including. don't write for more than 20-30 mins and remember to rehearse each box thoroughly before you write.


Maths - Arithmetic Paper

Complete the Arithmetic paper below, please use your jottings if you are unsure. Have your scores been improving? Go over any questions you got wrong with an adult.

Thursday 14th May 

English - Non-Chronological report Plymouth, Massachusetts

Today it is time to begin writing your new report. Rehearse your introduction and then have a go at writing it. Make sure you have written your title and then underneath write the heading just like in the Plot Matrix. Remember you are writing in the present tense (happening now). If you finish quickly you could complete the next box, What do we know about the history of Plymouth, Massachusetts?


Maths - Proportional Reasoning Day 4

Today we are going to apply the learning on the 2, 5 and 10 x tables we have done this week. please complete the worded problems on the worksheet below. There are 3 worksheets of different levels choose the worksheet you think most suits your child's ability.



Wednesday 13th May - English Non-Chronological Report Plymouth, Massachusetts

If you have completed the geography work to find out all about Plymouth, Massachusetts and have used the information gathered to complete the Plot Matrix then you should spend your time today practising, stepping and speaking and performing the work you have done ready to start writing tomorrow.

Maths - Unit 13 Proportional Reasoning Day 3

Today we will follow the same routine as the past 2 days focusing on the 5 x table. Start your routine by practising counting on and back in 5's from 0 then complete the work below.

Now try these missing number problems.

? x 5 = 15      ? x 5 = 25     ? x 5 = 10     ? x 5 = 40      ? x 5 = 35

5 x ? = 25      8 x ? = 40     9 x ? = 45     3 x ? = 15      6 x ? = 30

20÷?=4    35÷? =7   15÷? = 3  40÷?= 8   30÷?= 6

?÷5 =5    ?÷5 = 1    ?÷5 = 4  ?÷5= 9     ?÷5 = 10

Science - Week 3 Life Cycles

Tuesday 12th May

English - Non-Chronological Report Plymouth Massachusetts 

Today we are going to plan our Non-Chronological Report about Plymouth, Massachusetts using The blank Plot Matrix below which has the same headings as the Non-Chronological Report about Plymouth, England. To complete the blank Plot matrix you will need the research you have been doing for geography, if you have not yet completed this work then come back to this lesson when you have. Use pictures and captions in your Plot matrix to help you remember the information you are going to be writing about.

Maths - Unit 13 Day 2

Today we are going to recap the work we have already done on our 10 x tables. Complete the x 10 multiplication and division sheet below. You can use arrays or the grouping method to help you solve the problems. When you have completed the sheet challenge yourself to the missing number problems below. Don't forget to use the inverse(opposite operation) to solve missing number problems.

  3 x ? = 30      5 x ? = 50      7 x ? = 70       9 x ? = 90     11 x ? = 110

  ? x 10 = 20    ? x 10 = 40    ? x 10 = 60     ? x 10 = 80   ? x 10 = 120

 50 ÷ ? = 5   90 ÷  ?  = 9        10 ÷ ? = 1  100÷ ? = 10

 ? ÷ 10 = 4    ? ÷ 10 = 8    ? ÷ 10 = 6  ? ÷ 10 = 2

Monday 11th May

English - Non - Chronological Report Plymouth Massachusetts 

Today we will be looking at the features of a Non-Chronological report. Open and read the reports below and then check the features of each report against the checklist. Do you have any non-fiction books? If you do check them against the check list to see if your book is a Non-Chronological Report.

Maths - Unit 13 Proportional Reasoning

Today we are revisiting our 2 x tables to help us solve multiplication and division problems. Please practice counting on and back in 2's and then complete the problems below. Remember multiplication is the inverse of division and division is the inverse of multiplication so you can use your times tables to help you solve division problems.


2 x 2 =      5 x 2 =      7 x 2 =     9 x 2 =      6 x 2 =      4 x 2 =       10 x 2 =


18 ÷ 2 =      12 ÷ 2 =    8 ÷ 2 =      16 ÷ 2 =     2 ÷ 2 =      10 ÷ 2 =     


? x 2 = 12        ? x 2 = 20      8 x ? = 16      3 x ? = 6     ? x 2 = 18


÷ 2 = 4             ? ÷ 2 = 7          ? ÷ 2 = 10          14 ÷ ? = 7           4 ÷ ? = 2

Friday 8th May

As it is a bank holiday there will be no Home Learning activities today. Enjoy Your weekend.

Thursday 7th May - VE Day 2020

This year, we will be commemorating 75 years since the end of World War II.

On May 8, 1945, fighting in Europe came to a halt as the allied forces finally saw Germany surrender.

There are some activities attached for you to have a look at which includes- a power point to explain what VE day is, a comprehension activity to do with an adult, a word search  and some art and craft activities. Enjoy and have fun celebrating with your family.

Wednesday 6th May

English - Day 3

Using the slow write criteria below, choose a box from your plot matrix and use your pictures and captions to rewrite your chosen box in your own words.

Maths - Final day Exploring Change

choose and complete the solving problems with time worksheet below you think best suits your child's ability.

Tuesday 5th May

English - Day 2

Continue to learn, step and speak your new Plot Matrix using the pictures and captions from yesterday, perform what you have learnt about Plymouth, England to your family.

Maths - Exploring Change Day 5

Today we are learning to tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes. Use the clock you have made or an online clock to practice counting round the clock in 5's. Remember that when we go past half past we say 25 minutes to, 20 minutes to, quarter to 10 minutes to and 5 minutes to. Get your child to make a variety of times with their clock, when they are confident move onto the worksheet below.

Monday 4th May

English - Non Chronological Report, Day 1

Today we are beginning a new unit on non-chronological reports. We will be learning the non-chronological report about Plymouth, England and by the end of the unit you will write your own report about Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Open and read the report below about Plymouth, England with an adult. Then open the plot matrix document and just like you did with your wishing tale, draw pictures and write captions in the boxes to help you remember the report.  

Maths - Day 4 Exploring Change

Today we are learning to tell the time to quarter past and quarter to the hour. As before begin by practising this practically using the clock you made or maybe you could use an online clock. Remember the big hand points to the 3 for quarter past and the hour hand points just past the hour given, and the big hand points to the 9 for quarter to and the hour hand points just before the hour that is coming next. When you are confident, complete the worksheet below.

Friday 1st May

English - Final day

Now you have edited your story it is time to write it into neat adding in any corrections you have made. Remember to write in your neatest handwriting. I have downloaded some nice paper if you are able to print. If not don't worry use whatever paper you have and perhaps illustrate your story at the end. If you would like to send your stories to school I would love to see them and I could put them on the website for others to read.


Maths - Day 3 Exploring Change

Today we are going to recap telling the time to half past the hour on an analogue clock. If you have made a clock, help your child to practice putting the hands in the correct place for half past, remind them that the big hand points towards the six and the hour hand points half way between the current hour and the hour coming next. When you have practised and your child feels confident complete the worksheet below. 

Thursday 30th April

English - Day 11

Now you have finished writing your amazing wishing tales it is time to see how you have done. Using the success criteria below, go back through your story and edit it by ticking the boxes to show the things you have done successfully and correcting any mistakes. If there are any boxes you could not tick you can add them in.

Maths - Day 2 Exploring Change

Today we are thinking about units of time, 1 second, 1 minute, 1 hour, 1 day. Talk with an adult and think of things you do that take 1 second, 1 minute, 1 hour or 1 day. Using the activity below sort the activity cards onto the correct poster.

Science - Plants week 2 Seeds and Bulbs

 Watch the video clip below, then complete the work sheet

Geography - Summer Term 

Please see the documents and links below and use them to help you research information to compare Plymouth, England with Plymouth, Massachusetts. I have included the knowledge organiser you would of had in your new learning pack which tells you what the children should know by the end of the unit. We will be using the information gathered to help us write a report in our next English unit.

Wednesday 29th April

English - Day 10

Today is the final day of writing for your new innovated story. Complete box 5 and 6 from your story map remembering all the ways to improve your writing from days 1 and 2: Capital letters, full stops, adjectives, different sentence starters, joining words to extend sentences and a range of punctuation.


Maths - Unit 12 Exploring change Day 1 (see AET medium term planning uploaded at the beginning of home learning)

To tell the time it is important to have a clock to practice with. So today's activity is to make a clock.  See the link below.

Tuesday 28th April

English - Day 9

Today you are continuing to write your story concentrating on boxes 3 and 4 of your new innovated story map. Make sure you are writing in the correct tense (use ed words for past tense), you could also attempt to use other punctuation we have learnt like exclamation marks, question marks and if you want a challenge commas in a list.

Maths - Day 8

This is the last day of our visualising shape unit and today you will be sorting 3d shapes into Venn and Carroll diagrams using the worksheets below.  

Monday 24th April

Good Morning Woodpeckers I hope you have had a lovely weekend and are ready for a new week of learning. Today I am not uploading any new maths as it has been brought to my attention that you were unable to download the arithmetic paper. I have now uploaded it again as a PDF so if you go back to it you can have a go at this today. 

English - Day 8

Today it is time to write the beginning of your story. With an adult go over your new invented story again focusing especially on boxes 1 and 2. Now write the beginning of your story introducing your new character and describing them and where they live (the setting). Tell the reader a couple of things your character wished for. You should try to write a few sentences for each box but don't go on to box 3 or 4 as this will be tomorrows work. Try to include interesting and varied sentence openers and exciting adjectives. Make sure you use capital letters and full stops and extend some sentences using a joining word (and, but, so or because) Good luck.

Friday 24th April

English - Day 8

As you have worked so hard this week and the sun is shining please just practice stepping and speaking your new story making it as exciting as possible, ready to write it next week. Perform your new story to your family.

Maths - Mental arithmetic

Please help your child to complete their weekly arithmetic paper and remind them to use their jottings to show you how they worked it out.

Thursday 23rd April

English - Day 7 

Look at the Blank Plot matrix again and have a go at creating a new story map. Choose a new under the sea character who can wish. Then choose new things that your character will wish for and decide on the final wish and ending of your story.

Wednesday 22nd April

English - Day 7

Today's activity is to write a setting description for The Fish Who Could Wish. Click on the document below and follow the instructions.

Maths - Day 7

Today we are continuing our work on the properties of 3d shapes looking today at the Vertices(corners). Look through the power point from yesterday before you try the activity below.

Tuesday 21st April

English - Day 6

Today's activity is to write a character description of the Fish Who Could Wish. Click on the word document below to see the activity.

Maths - Day 6

Today we are going to look at the edges on a 3d shape. Go through the power point 1st, then click on the word document and complete the worksheet below. You could use the shape nets you made yesterday to help you.

Monday 20th April

Hello Woodpeckers I hope you have enjoyed the weekend and are ready to start a new week. This week we will be carrying on with our Wishing tale in English and our Visualising Shape unit in Maths. If you are feeling brave you could also attempt a Geography or Science lesson all the links are below. Have a good week.

English - Day 5

Click on the word document below and have a go at the Ocean poem activity.

Maths - Day 5

Click on the word document and complete the activity identifying 2d shapes on a 3d shape. Before you complete the activity you could unpick any 3d packaging before you recycle it to have a closer look at 2d shapes in cuboids and cubes. I have also included some 3d shape nets so you can make your own 3d shapes if you have a printer.

Science plants - Week 1

Lesson 1 is observing plants I have included a lesson presentation and resources to accompany, any observations could be done on your daily walk.

Friday 17th April

English - Day 4

Please open the word document below and support your child to complete their Slow Write using the criteria and instructions given. This is an activity they have completed many times before so they should know what to do.

Maths - Day 4

As today is Friday we will follow our usual routine and do our weekly arithmetic paper. Click on the link below and support your child to complete the paper encouraging them to show how they worked it out using their jottings.

Thursday 16th April

English - Day 3

Please re-read the story of The Fish Who Could Wish using the link from yesterday. Then click on the word document below and complete the comprehension activity. 

Maths - Day 3

Please go through the 3D shape  Power Point below with your child. Then go on a shape hunt around the home identifying the 3D shapes you can find, I have provided a 3D shape mat to help them recognise and name the 3D shapes around their home.

Wednesday 15th April 

English - Day 2

Please click on the link below to read our class story this term The Fish Who Could Wish.

Now you have read the story can you print or copy onto paper the Plot matrix below, there are questions to help your child fill each box. When they have completed this help them to retell the story using their story map (we call this step and speak).

Maths - Day 2

Please complete the What am I sheet to help your child learn the properties of 2d shapes. If your child would like a challenge they can complete the counting vertices mastery activity.

Daily Home Learning Activities

Tuesday 14th April

Please encourage your child to read for half an hour a day throughout the week and complete the daily English and Maths activities below. If you feel you would like to do more then you can check out the Summer Term Pace sheet for other topics we would have been studying this half term in Science, and the foundation subjects. You could look on and learn all about Plants or you could start the ICT unit below and research our Geography topic,

All about Plymouth, Massachusetts,_Massachusetts


English: Day 1

Today we are starting our new Story Telling Unit - A Wishing Tale

Open the word document below to begin your activity. You can print the sheet or just copy your work onto paper or into your homework books.

Maths - Unit 11 Visualising Shape

For the next 2 weeks we will be looking at the shape unit above. For guidance on the learning sequence please check the AET Stage 2 Medium planning below.

Tuesday 14th April - Day 1 - I can describe the properties of 2d shapes

Friday 10th April

Hello my lovely Woodpeckers. How are you? I hope you are all well and not giving your parents and carers too much of a hard time! I am fine and keeping myself busy looking after my family and Home schooling Lily. She is nowhere near as hardworking and enthusiastic as you and I miss you all very much.

Keep checking the websites class page daily as I will be updating it with learning activities to keep you all out of trouble and to help give your brains a daily workout.

I hope you are enjoying PE with Joe Wickes, I have been doing it with Lily everyday.

Don't forget to take an Accelerated Reader test when you have read a book.

See you all very soon, stay safe

Mrs Osborne

Computing at home

In summer term children will be researchers and present their findings. 

Children, I would like you to research about our new summer topic.

Activity 1: I can generate 3 questions about our new topic 

Write these down on a piece of paper or can you type these on your device.

Activity 2: I can use a search engine to research my questions.

Children should open the internet and use their preferred search engine to find the answers to their questions. Children to record their answers how they want to.

Activity 3: I can use different search engines.

Now can children use a new search engine to find answers to their questions (Google, Wikipedia, Bing, Yahoo) Which one did you prefer to use and why? Explain to an adult. Children to continue to record their answers.

Activity 4: I can present my findings using technology

Children need to use a type of software (paint, powerpoint, is also an app), video) to present their findings they collected using the internet. 

Well done, Woodpeckers for a great assembly today!

Welcome to Woodpecker Class

(Year 2)


The teacher in Woodpeckers Class is Mrs Osborne.

The teaching assistants are Mrs Shapcott.


Homework is given out every Friday and to be returned by the following Friday. 

PE is every Thursday and Friday. All children need a full PE kit on this day.


We hope you enjoy looking at what the Woodpeckers have been up to in school this year, we are learning a range of different topics:

Autumn 1: Changes of Plymouth Overtime/Animals including Humans.

Autumn 2: Changes of Plymouth Overtime/Animals including Humans.

Spring 1: The Great Fire of London/Use of Everyday Materials.**This term's topic**

Spring 2: The Great Fire of London/Use of Everyday Materials.

Summer 1: Plymouth Massachusetts/ Plants

Summer 2: 


We believe we can!


School closure: During this period of school closure, links will be added below to assist you in the ongoing support of your child's home learning. This will reflect the areas of learning that your child would have covered in school within the current term. 


Please use the links below to find-,584,037,589,000


Should you wish to keep RWI going at home, lessons are being taught daily on youtube: Ruth Miskin's channel. Set one sounds at 9.30 and set 2 at 10.

all foundation children without a RWI book will need to watch set 1 and those with will require set 2.

Thank you.

Click the link below for your daily RWI sessions: remember to have a go at writing the sounds after.


Keep fit with Joe Wicks:


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