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Mount Wise CommunityPrimary School

Communication and Language

Our intent

Our intent is for our children to become skillful communicators who connect with others through language and play.



We provide children with opportunities to experience a communication friendly environment, and to develop their early skills in speaking and listening in a range of situations, through both adult led and child-initiated play. Our team promote these skills through programmes tailored to their level of need. They also work alongside Speech and Language Therapists to deliver activities for both groups and individual children. We deliver daily ICAN sessions and encourage communication and language skills through both adult directed and child-initiated play


Our staff are all trained in Makaton and use this throughout the day, in order to support children to share their thoughts and feelings with these around them.



We monitor the progress of our children through regular, ongoing observations and assessments. Our choice of logging learning is the online learning journey, Tapestry. We use the Statutory framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage and Development Matters to plan our progressive curriculum. We also moderate both within school and externally as a Learning Academies Trust to ensure that our judgements are moderated and collectively owned.