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Mount Wise CommunityPrimary School

Physical Development

Our Intent

Our intent is for our children to become active and interactive, to develop their coordination, control and movement and to understand the need to make healthy lifestyle choices.



We provide children with access to a range of active learning opportunities and develop both gross and fine motor skills. Our staff follow the Write Dance programme, helping to develop children’s gross motor skills through a range of media. Pupils take regular finger gym activities to help strengthen their fingers. Pupils also practise their skills using large play equipment. 



We monitor the progress of our children through regular, ongoing observations and assessments. Our choice of logging learning is the online learning journey, Tapestry. We use the Statutory framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage and Development Matters to plan our progressive curriculum. We also moderate both within school and externally as a Learning Academies Trust to ensure that our judgements are moderated and collectively owned.