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Year 5




Hello, my name is Mrs. John and I teach the Year 5 Kestrels Class. I am the Religious Education Leader at Mount Wise and have been here for 22 years.


I care passionately for the welfare and happiness of our children. Over the years I have made good links with families in our community. I am approachable for any queries about the teaching of Religious Education within the school.


Find out more about me and what we are learning in class by clicking on my photo.

Autumn Term Overview


Every day we focus on the essentials: Reading, Writing, Maths and Science. Each week we also study Physical Education, Music, Religious Education and Personal, Social and Emotional topics. Each term we go deeply into subjects such as Art, History, Geography and Design and Technology. We also study Modern Foreign Languages and Computing. This term we are learning about...


Tools for learning


Pupils use the following tools to help them learn more and remember more.


1. Knowledge Organiser - pupils use this tool to understand what knowledge they will learn.


2. Graphic Schema - pupils use this tool to help them make links in learning.



We will work hard, we will find things difficult at times; we will learn a surprising amount and have fun along the way.


Things to Remember:

Reading books and records need to be in class EVERYDAY.

Please have your PE kit in school EVERYDAY.

Homework is set on Fridays and is to be handed in by the following Friday. You will be notified if there are any changes to this.




Hello Kestrels. I hope you are enjoying the sunshine and looking after each other within your families. Keep applying the sun screen and please look at your home-school packs to keep your brains ticking over! Mrs. John.
Try these games to improve your maths skills.  Challenge yourself and persevere even if they get tricky. 
work for week beginning 22nd June.
below is a slow write. Follow the instructions to complete a paragraph.
below is math for the week, interpreting and solving time problems from a railway timetable.
science. Recap the topic Earth, Sun and Moon from the Spring term.

The work in the document below combines geography, science and English and builds on knowledge from our South American topic.

work for week beginning 15th June
reading comprehension
maths week beginning 15th June

science week beginning 15th June

researching life cycles here are some examples and suggestions for you to find out about.

Work for week beginning Monday 8th June


Please try some of these tasks and keep working through your home learning packs when you can.

Maths.  This week use the Top Marks website to play some maths games to help you practice the skills that you need to improve.  Usually in each game there are different levels to challenge yourself.  On page 1, try Hit the button, subtraction grids, mental maths train, rounding rocket and the toy shop money game.  Move on to page 2, try the daily 10 - pick a level and an area of maths and see how many questions you can answer - measuring in cm, Blast off - a place value activity and place value basketball.

A maths paper to help you practice the skills you may have covered in the Top marks games. Also some place value and multiplication and division questions to complete.

Science week beginning 8th June

Work for week beginning Monday 1st June.



Below is your writing task for the week.


Maths for week commencing 1st June
Science for week commencing 1st June.
Hello Kestrels I hope you are all staying home keeping safe with your families. I understand it is hard for some of you to independently work while at home, but I strongly encourage you to try. Remember to keep practising your times tables and to read as often as you can. Also use the links below to explore fun ways to learn. Keep being kind to each other and hopefully we shall all be back at school soon. Missing you all, from Mrs. John.

work for week commencing Monday 18th May.

writing. Grammar activity below 'Commas to clarify meaning'.

Work for week commencing 11/5/2020
writing this term. we will be reading and writing a recount about the true adventure of the explorer Alexander Von Humboldt. below is the text we shall be reading. Which other famous English explorer does the text remind you of?

week beginning 27.04.20


this week it is your turn to write a recount about some of your experiences during 'Lock down'. Below is a writing frame to help you plan.  Remember a recount is in sequential order. You could write about what activities you have been doing at home.

Week beginning 27.04.20


Describing position.

I can translate shapes horizontally and vertically, describing how it has been carried out.



week beginning 27.04.20


New topic, all about plant classification. I have attached power points and information sheets for you to read through as your introductory lesson.

week beginning 20.04.20

writing task.

read the text from last week. using the power point from last week identify features of the recount. you could print out the text and underline or just write a list.


'Box Up' the recount ( you will need to divide a piece of paper into nine squares, (ask an adult to help) and retell the story of Alexander Von Humboldt with pictures and phrases.


Write your own version of the recount.

maths shall begin with learning about time. below are some activities to keep you busy.




converting units please scroll down through to the time pages.

week beginning 20.04.20



multiplication and division problem solving.

balance and missing number problems

scaling problems involving rates

to complete our work last term in science please look at the following all about forces.

science week beginning 20.04.20 please remember this is year 5 children only.

see the below work on air/ water resistance.



In Geography this term we will be studying South America. Look at the powerpoints and try the work; use any answers to check your understanding.

For this second week of Geography, watch the powerpoint first and then follow the document to do the activities.



Computing at home:

Software needed: This is free.

This Summer term children are web page developers; they will create a web page using WordPress using the research they have collected about ……… (Favourite video game, favourite band, favourite sport/sports team, book recommendations, food recommendations, things to do during lockdown)

Activity 1: I can use search engines effectively.

Children need to come up with 3-5 ideas they would like to research about their topic. These will be sub-headings in the web page. You will need lots of information about these ideas – you can record this information using your device or by writing it down.

Activity 2: I can refine my ideas and plan my web page.

Children need to play around on the WordPress software and choose their web page layout and plan what information they are going to upload on to the webpage. You can draw out your plan and decide what information is going to go where

Activity 3: I can collect images/videos from the internet and place use on my webpage.

Children need to use search engines to retrieve images or videos (Use the URL link/web address link for this by copying and pasting it). Place these in the shown places on your WordPress webpage.

Activity 4: I can use a variety of software to complete my webpage.

Children need to add their information to their webpage and finalise their page to then show others what they have created. Is it clear what your website is about?

With Flying Colours - a drama workshop week.

Autumn Term 2019

What we'll be doing...

Here are the key facts for Victorians

We're busy telling the story of Jim and his escape from the workhouse.